The Power of Sharing

It’s in our nature to share good things.

Think about the last time you told someone about a great restaurant, a new shop or an experience that you loved. You probably couldn’t wait to tell them about it, to rave about the things that made the meal, purchase or event something special.

Sharing is driven by emotion – a desire for others to have positive experiences that mirror our own and to feel the same joy and happiness that we do. It’s intrinsically tied to the idea of helping others and it is one of the main reasons that our social business works. Because we want to share things we think will help others or make them feel good, we naturally want them to enjoy products we love or a business opportunity that has changed our lives for the better.

For over 40 years, we have grown because of each of you loves our products and has a desire to share them with others. It is such a fundamental ideal in our business that it’s one of the main drivers of our business model:

  1. Be 4cc Active
  2. Use The Products
  3. Share The Products
  4. Sponsor Every Month
  5. Qualify For Every Incentive

By sharing, you also build a strong customer base. This is integral to growing a healthy Forever business. People who are passionate about our products, who look better and feel better will then go on to share their experience with others and this type of positive sharing becomes contagious.

Think about how much you share in your own business, and I don’t mean just 1 to 1s or business presentations, I mean true sharing. When you pass along your personal experiences genuinely with others, you connect emotionally. You are authentic in your desire to tell them about something you love to help them and not just to sell them. I think if you share from personal experience, you build a deeper connection and by helping others, your business will only grow.

Keep sharing everything you love about Forever – it’s only natural.

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